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David Braaten

All forms of art have been & still are a big part of my life. My family & ancestors on both sides of my family have always been heavily involved in the arts as well! Wether or not we have became successful from any form of art or not, we never cared because my family & I have always found art as a part of our lives and as a part of how we express our selves spiritually.... Just like you!


We are all spiritual & soulful people & we need art as a form of expression.... Some more than others, so don't be shy to share what you love or how you feel through some form of art!


 I have found ways to express my self though art & understand that there is no harm in sharing the things we create & I will continue to do so as the years go by!     


Simply click, read & follow the links provided on each page above to follow me on my other social media pages. 

Spread love not hate.

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